Just have fun!!! Enjoy the process of having your headshot taken. Its simpler than you think. My job is to capture an experience that defines you. I like shooting outdoors, in a spontaneous, fun, free environment. Natural light is the most appealing to me. My photographs have LIFE. Static, indoor shots, posed shots, are out. The new headshot is a very relaxed moment in time. If I can get you to break free from the camera and capture a moment that is TRUE and CAPTIVATING, I’ve done my job. You should be so excited with your headshot that you want to show everybody your picture. I remember many times, as a casting director, people would hand me their pictures face down. I’d look at it and they would cringe and say, “I need new shots.” Not good. The best thing people tell me is that they can’t decide what picture to use because there are too many great shots to choose from. 95% of my bookings are through personal referrals from people I’ve shot. Thank you to all for sending me people.

I want to nail that shot that really gets you noticed. Before we start I get excited and say, “Okay!!! Let’s make you famous.” I mean it. I want that shot for you as badly as you do. Let’s do it together!!! Let’s be famous!!!